Friday, February 18, 2011

Foody Friday: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

 Yesterday it snowed where I am so we still need something warm to eat. Luckily I still had some of my Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. Every year I make a huge batch of Chicken Noodle soup and freeze for the whole winter. It gets us though the cold season and it's really easy to pull out of the freezer and unthaw. My family loves it. It's so good the you've got to pace yourself so that it lasts a while. My recipe includes:
2 packages bow tie pasta
(you can use any kind of small pasta that you like)
4 large stalks of celery
6 carrots less if you don't like a lot
(I love carrots, so I always put more)
5 cans chicken broth
(you can always add water if you need more)
Onions, if you want
(my family doesn't eat onions)

First cut the Carrots, Celery and Onions and brown them in a pan. They taste much better if you brown them and it makes them extra soft. If you like harder vegetables then brown them slightly. As you are browning the veggies you then boil the Pasta in a large pan in the Chicken Broth.  just until the noodles are still hard you add the vegetables and the Seasonings. I used equal parts of these seasonings(about 1/4 cup) poultry seasoning, rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme, savory and 2 Tablespoons of salt and pepper. Keep tasting the broth until you like it. Cook all ingredients together just until noodles are al dente. Take them off the heat immediately and scoop them into freezer proof containers. And there you go. Enjoy.


Melissa Austin said...

When you get ready to eat, what is your process? Any recommendations for thawing/heating?

Erin said...

Melissa- I usually just take it out a couple hours before I want to eat it, and add about a cup of water to a saucepan with the soup. Once you unthaw it, don't refreeze the soup. Hope you enjoy our family favorite.

picturesandwords said...
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picturesandwords said...

How big were your packages of pasta, and how much broth did your cans of broth contain?

Erin said...

You can really use any size noodle you want I used a 15 oz. bag of noodles, and a 16 oz. can of broth. I have also used the natural water that I boiled the chicken in for broth instead of buying the broth, but the canned broth is much tastier to me. Thanks for your comment picturesandwords

Maria Darazs said...

What containers did you use? (Where did you buy them?)

Erin said...

I used just cheap plastic containers that I bought at Walmart. But since then I have started to just cool the soup down and pour in a large ziploc bag and lay flat in frezzer. It makes the unthawing part go a little easier. Thanks for your comment, Maria Darazs. Hope that helped, and good luck!

Maria Darazs said...

Thanks Erin!

Summer Napier said...

This is called chicken noodle soup, but I don't see chicken in ingredients?


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