Monday, May 2, 2011

Girls Week: Rosette Flower Clips Tutorial

Rosette Flower Clip Tutorial

It's all about girls this week. I have made some easy rosette flower clips.
All you need is some fabric, hot glue gun, a small amount of felt and a barrette clip. I used some left over quilt binding fabric. You need a long strip about 22 inches long and 4 inches wide, for big rosette's. If you want to make smaller one's then just minus a few inches.

Take the end and fold in a few times and glue all that together.
Fold that onto it's self and glue that together.
Keep folding it in half to create a circle, and keep gluing it on it's self. While gluing, you are twisting it around and around. I couldn't get a picture during that part. You kinda need both hands. On a side note; be careful, I had the glue gun set to high and burned my finger. Make sure your glue gun is on low. Don't worry what the back looks like you will cover it up with felt.
This is the back. Not a pretty picture.
This is the front. I did this one loosely. You can make it tighter if you twist the fabric more tight. 

Cut the piece of felt and glue it to the back.
Glue the Clip to the back. I cover my clip with ribbon.
I like to secure it even more with felt over the clip.
Here is the front.
 And here is the Back.

And there you go. Rosette flower clips.

You can do any fabric and any size. This one is my favorite. I made it with leftover upholstery fabric. Super cute colors.
And here is the back of it.
These are really fun to make and you can put them on clips, headbands, clothes and any thing you want. Even as a gift for Mother's day. Just don't tell her how easy it was.

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