Monday, June 27, 2011

Recycled Bird Feeder

Recycled Bird Feeder
This is a fun easy summer project for adults and kids. Here is what you need:
Bird Seed
Cleaned out water bottle, any size (I used a large Smart Water Bottle)
Two Wooden spoons that you don't want any more
Exacto knife
Hook for hanging
Stickers for decoration
 First you need to draw the holes for the wooden spoons to fit into. You want to holes to be bigger than the spoon handles.
 Cut the holes and be careful. They don't need to be perfect.
 Check the holes to make sure the they fit. The best way is to have the spoon end of the hole fitting really loosely and the handle end of the hole to be a tight fit.
 Attach the Hook to the bottle lid.
Place the Stickers on it. Or you can draw or paint on the bottle with fun decorations.
Add the Bird Seed using a funnel. If you don't have one then take a piece of paper and make a funnel. That way you don't have Bird Seed all over the place.

 Hang it up in a tree and watch the bird enjoy. My 2 year old daughter had so much fun watching the birds eat from our Bird Feeder. I didn't get a picture of the birds but they really liked it. I filled it twice since then. This was a really fun summer project.



  1. what a wonderful and creative design Love it
    I love feeding the birds
    They are so interesting to watch and photograph

  2. I LOVE your blog! It is so fun! It reminds me of summers spent at your house in St. George with Aunt Christine teaching us crafts and stuff. Glad you guys are doing a blog with all your knowledge!! (:

  3. Very cute bird feeder - great idea! I'm your newest follower from Homemaker on a Dime's blog hop. If you have time, come by mine. I have a great FB/Twitter hop going on tomorrow.

  4. Sooo cute! I want to go home and try this with my tween. :) I hope you don't find this tacky, but I wanted to invite you to a party I'll be having. I'm a new blogger, like yourself, and wanted to host a party where we could all share our summer projects. It's not for another 8 days, so you still have time. You are welcome to join. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects. :) Amanda

  5. What an adorable idea!! I think my tween daughter and her friends would enjoy making these...and we always have old water bottles around. Thanks for the idea! :)

    BTW, I found you at Easy Peasy Grandma's blog hop party.

  6. cute idea!!! I LOVE IT! i would love for you to share this at my link party goin on now.

  7. This is great. What a clever bird feeder! I would be thrilled if you shared this project at my link party.

    Thanks for the creative inspiration.
    carolyn | homework

  8. This is a really good idea! I wish we could have a bird feeder in our garden but our little cat loves chasing birds so it's kinder to the birds if we don't feed them!

  9. Super cute! & nature friendly.

  10. this is such a fantastic idea! easy enough too for someone who's crafty challenged l ike me!

    following you from blog it forward hop!
    would love a follow back and say hellow

  11. How stinkin cute is that? Very...I love it. Thanks for sharing at my newbie party. Please add my link to your post.

  12. so so sweet! I'm a big lover of backyard bird watching, so I'm always looking for a new way to feed my feathered friends.

    Love your blog!

  13. This is so cute! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  14. So cute! Love it. :)Following from Not Just a Housewife. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog. The most viewed link will receive a set of fancy rectangle chalkboard labels from my etsy shop. Hope to see you there.


  15. That's a wonderful idea. I am going to help my oldest grandchild make one when she visits. I like to make easy craft projects with her since she is still young. This one looks fun and easy.
    New follower from Where are you Wednesday.
    Hope you follow back.

  16. this is too cute!! I love the little birds on the feeder!!

  17. So much fun! Will have to tackle this one today!!!

  18. I love birdhouses.. this is such a great idea. I LOVE IT!! Thanks for Sharing.

  19. Super creative! I love it! Thank you for linking up last week at Sew Woodsy! We hope you will join us tomorrow for another fun-filled party!

  20. I just get a kick out of your blog title! Great upcycle! Thanks for linking to WorkShop Wednesday! Hope to see you this week!

  21. Hi Joi & Erin. : )
    I just wanted to let you know that we'll be featuring your adorable bird feeder, this Tuesday. Thank you for linking it up with us at Our House Of Joyful Noise. I love your 'About Us' page, too.

  22. Hey Erin,

    I really loved this project for many reasons, ONE, it's literally FREE to make, TWO it recycles, THREE, it's super practical and oh so cute. Thanks for the inspiration to make one with my kiddos.

    Thanks so much for linking up to my party :)
    I loved this so much, I featured you girl!
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