Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hospital Bag Packing List

Hey y'all!

I just recently had my second child...

Taisley Avalon
born on October 5, 2012
and I wanted to share with you what I think are the necessities to bring to the hospital when having your babies.

I checked out a bunch of other lists I found on Pinterest, but I ended up forgetting some important things, so here is my list!

(what to bring to the hospital when delivering a baby)

1. Nice comfortable robe

2. Nursing tank

3. Nursing nightgowm
(short is better, because they still have to check you, especially if you have an episiotomy)

4. Nursing bra

5. Loose fitting outfit to wear home
(you won't be ready to wear regular clothes just yet and you'll need easy nursing access and a loose waist band for your sore midsection)

6. Cute warm socks

***NOTE: Make sure to wash everything that the baby's skin may come in contact with in Dreft***
(Also, don't use drying sheets unless they are fragrance free and for sensitive skin)

7. Nursing cover
(Click on the picture to get a FREE one)

8. Flip flops
(For wearing in and out of the hospital as well as in the shower)

9. Comfy maternity underwear
(The hospital will provide mesh underwear for you, but when you leave, you might want some extra support. I know I did.)

10. Water bottle!
(I didn't think of this until after I left, but instead of drinking out of the styro cups with a straw, I would have preferred to drink out of one of these - make sure the lip is big enough to fit ice in it)

11. Camera
(Make sure it's charged and has it's memory card!)

12. Phone
(Don't forget to bring your will make and take a lot of phone calls!
Click on the picture to check out some great Mom Apps for iPhones)

13. Lanolin nipple cream
(if you're breastfeeding)

14. Nursing pads

15. Nipple shield!!!
(I cannot stress this enough. This is an absolute must! I tried to breastfeed without one for the first few days and got so raw that I was bawling my eyes out over the pain.)

16. Toiletries
(Don't forget a toothbrush, a brush, hair ties, and a shaver!)

17. Make-up bag
(Believe me, you'll wanna look as presentable as possible for visitors and pictures)

18. Maxi pads
(And I mean MAXI!!! Get the overnight ones, because you will have a VERY heavy 'period' for a while)


1. Diaper Bag
(this is what you'll be packing everything in for the baby)

2. 'Emergency' pacifiers/binkies
( I say emergency, just in case there are mommies that are staunchly against using them. hehe)

3. Boppy with cover
(Definitely helps!)

4. Car seat set up for an infant with canopy
(Click on the picture to get a FREE car seat canopy!)

5. Newborn diapers
(The hospital will have some there for you, but if you prefer to use a specific brand, then bring a few of those in your diaper bag)

6. Baby health care kit

7. Baby grooming kit

8. California Baby Calendula Cream
(This is a miracle in a bottle! It takes care of everything! It's magic!)

9. Extra onesies

10. Extra outfit

11. Take home outfit

12. Baby mittens, Beanie & Stretchy receiving blanket
(So the little one doesn't scratch their face with their lovely nails, and be nice & warm.)

13. Newborn socks

14. Wipes
(The hospital has dry ones that you have to get wet first before changing the baby's diaper...and after you have a baby, you don't really wanna move that much...although you can always call your nurse in to change the baby's diapers for you!)


You can click on all the pictures to find where to purchase these items and there are a couple that are actually FREE!
(If any links don't work, please leave a comment and let me know. Thx)


Hilary said...

This is a great list! My son was two weeks early so we didn't even have a bag packed yet when he decided to show up. Thankfully we got most of the things we needed. Congrats on your newest addition to your family! She is beautiful :)

Amanda @ Ninth Street Notions said...

Thanks for the list! I'm currently expecting my first and looking for all the help I can get to be prepared.

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