Friday, October 28, 2011

October Giveaway: Winner Announced!


As you probably already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we were so excited to feature a giveaway that also give's!

The Prize: this cute bracelet and a special surprise gift!

Proceeds (that we purchase) fund 1% of a mammogram! 

To make your own donations the American Cancer Society, please click on the link below or the one on our sidebar!
(FYI - this will not increase your chances of winning, but you are amazing if you do!)

And the winner is...

(Please send us an email with your address and your choice of bracelet, which is listed below, and we'll send you your prize!)

You get a choice of 4 messages:
Celebrate & Survivor
Find the Cure
Strength & Courage
Awareness & Hope

Thank you to all those who followed us and participated this month by commenting on our Giveaway Post. For November and December, we won't be doing any giveaways, because of the holidays! Check back in January to see what we'll have in store for you!
On a side note...if you make or sell something that you would like to have featured on our site as a Giveaway, please send us a picture with a description of your item plus a link to your website and we'll let you know if we like what you've got and if we want to feature you!

Send your emails to:

1 comment :

Ashley said...

YAY!!!! im so excited:) Ill email you right now!!!:) THANKS!!


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