Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cherry Coke Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

Cherry Coke Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

I came up with this idea for a friend of mine. She was throwing a party for her sister and wanted something young and fun.
1 - Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix
1 1/4 Cup - Cherry Coke
1/4 Cup - Veggie Oil
2 - Eggs
1/2 Jar - Maraschino Cherries
Fluffy White Frosting
Chocolate Sprinkles

Mix the first four ingredients for 30 secs. on low and then 2 mins. on medium.
Chop the Maraschino cherries and mix them into the batter.
Bake as directed on box for cupcakes.

Let cool...then dye frosting with red food coloring and frost cupcakes then sprinkle the chocolate sprinkles on top or top with a cherry on each one.
(I ran out of cherries so I just did the sprinkles)

My friend said these went pretty fast. People get excited when they hear that there is soda pop in their cupcakes...especially if it's Cherry Coke! hehe


Williams Forever said...

Yummy! They look really moist!

Houses Built of Cards said...

Mmmmm...looks NUMMY!!! Thanks for joining us at Patches of Pink!

Threeundertwo said...

Both my husband and my son LOVE cherry coke so I have to try this! Thanks for linking up to Finished for Friday!

angelabvilla said...

Lovin these!!!

Heather said...

I can see why these didn't last long, as well as a great sounding recipe, they look lovely with the sprinkles.

Valerie said...

These look so yummy, love cherry coke:) Thanks for sharing with us on Patches of Pink!

PoP Dt

Faith Abigail Designs said...

Oh, wow! Those look delicious.


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