Monday, September 26, 2011

Spice Rack Upcycle

I found this idea on Pinterest, but it was originally from Red Book.
What you do is clear out an old spice rack that you aren't using (luckily for me, I got two as wedding gifts) and instead use it for your craft room to store all those little things in one place!

Here's what mine looked like before...gross! hehe

I cleaned it out, which took some time. Then let everything dry.

Then I filled it with little do-dads that I wanted to keep out for my crafts. I put in buttons, googly eyes, stickers, bobby pins, etc. I have a few more empty ones, so I can't wait to get some more stuff to fill them up. hehe

Mine has a cute handle on top so I just clipped a little korker bow on it to make it look pretty. I'm eventually going to label each bottle once I know for sure what's going to go in all of them. To do that, I will just cut out little circles from scrap paper, write on them, and mod podge them on the tops.

This was a pretty simple idea, but it has really helped me get organized! Hope it helps you too!

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