Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jungle Birthday Party

It'S a JuNgLe OuT tHeRe!
This was such a fun party that our other sister, Heather, threw for her kids. She has a daughter and a son both born in June and so they celebrated together.
 They had green streamers with little leaves taped to them for the jungle vine look. 

 Heather is an artist and made these amazing masks for the kids...but here they are taped to the wall for displays.

A little monkey hanging from the 'tree'.

Simple idea, but very cute. Plastic jungle animals as cupcake toppers.

They played pin the banana in the monkey's mouth. hehe

So fun! All the kids had a blast. Their dad wore a safari hat too!

I can't wait to plan and host more birthday parties for my little one!


Karima said...

Love this Jungle Party it looks like the kids enjoyed it. Karima from

Anonymous said...

I am doing a monkey-themed party for my Happy Buddy in July! I am definitely doing the pin the banana on the monkey game! Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

andie jaye said...

what a cute idea!!! i love the monkey hanging from the fan!!

Amazing Bats! Treasure Hunt said...

Thank you for your sweet comment..i really like this theme idea..thanks
Scavenger Hunt


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