Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lovin' It Thursday: Coastal Scents


I have been in love with COASTAL SCENTS for about a year now. I am a licensed nail tech and I was searching for some inexpensive glitter to mix with my gels and acrylics and I came across this site!

 I would say that their make up is comparable to MAC. The colors are so rich and you can get an ounce for around $4...or get the sample size for only a $1!

I purchased a few sample packs of their glitters and micas and was super amazed at how great they looked!

They have tutorials on there teaching you how to pack your own eyeshadows too!

My Gel Nails done with Coastal Scents  Blue - Red Chrome Mica.

Some of the glitters, micas, and pigments I got! I ordered the little containers from them too!

I find something new I want everytime I go on there. I would definately recommend them to anyone who is looking for professional makeup at a better price! Like I said, I went on there to look for glitter for my nails and found soooo much more!

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