Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TinkerBell Birthday Party

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Alright now let's party...


We recently celebrated our one and only child's FIRST birthday! It was so much fun and I feel like I've been planning it for least the last 6 months! hehe
Here are some of the fine details that I put together for her special day...
I purchased the image file for the invites on Etsy and then I printed them and cut them out and attached them to shiny lavender and lime cardstock!
I handmade the envelopes so they would fit perfectly and sealed them with the cutest sparkly stickers!

This is what she wore. I also purchased this outfit on Etsy! I don't have a sewing machine so I get a lot of things on there! hehe
Erin bought the wings and tutu as an early birthday present, which totally made the outfit, as you'll see below!

There's the birthday girl - Scotlin!

At the party...

I made her a special bow to wear!!!

I made a Birthday Banner out of different cardstocks and ribbon, plus some cute TinkerBell stickers!

I made custom Coloring Books!

I made custom gift bags and made sure to embellish all of the minor details!

I made her a little Birthday Cake Topper, actually because I forgot to leave room on the cake for "Happy Birthday Scotlin".

I custom made Cupcake Toppers. I didn't have a punch for the 2" scalloped cirlces so I had to buy those on Etsy too!
I made lime and lavender colored (not flavored) vanilla cupcakes topped with fluffy white frosting!

I bought most of the decorations at Party City...

This was The Party all put together...

I made The Cake - first and last time making fondant...that was rough!
I got the cake topper at Ralph's!


The Spread
I had different labels for all the food, such as...
Tink Links = Pigs in a Blanket
Neverberry Punch = White Cranberry Strawberry Juice with Sliced Berries & Ice
Berry Blossoms = Grape Jello Flavored Popcorn Balls
Fairy Fare = Sandwiches & Chips
Garden Grub = Veggie & Fruit Trays
Tree Treats = Butterfly shaped Rice Krispie Treats
Bloom Bites = Cake Pops
Pixie Cakes = Cupcakes

I made chocolate fudge Cake Pops - YUM!!!

Food Table

Gift Table
I had little pots to paint and flowers to plant for all the guests that wanted to do something while they visited.

We had such an amazing time and I think everything turned out great. I don't think I have any more energy to do a homemade party like this next year, so it's off to Chucky Cheese for her 2nd birthday...maybe I'll work up enough energy for her 3rd birthday! hehe

For the Etsy sites, just click on the pictures! And if you want to plan a TinkerBell birthday for your little girl, email me and I can send you all the files and links that I found!


Gabby said...

That looks like the best birthday party ever! Cute! Found you through Tip Junkie :)

The...Late, Young Family

Joi Malkin said...

So glad you found us Gabby! Hope you FOLLOW'd us so we can enter you into our Giveaway drawing!!!

Events DEE-signed said...

Adorable birthday party. You have some really creative ideas, and I love the "Tinkies" instead of Twinkies. Very clever!!

Mandy Coffey said...

this is darling! i'd love for you to show it off at my link party today!

Rachel at Sun Scholars said...

What a fun birthday party! I love all of the little details. Her outfit was adorable!

I'd love to have you share this at my For the Kids Friday Link Party, going on now at SunScholars. Come join in on the fun!

Rachel at Sun Scholars said...

Thanks for sharing this post at For the Kids Friday at Sun Scholars. This week's party is now posted. I'd love to have you share with us again this week!

Camilla said...

Love your cake pops! And a great food spread! I didn't have any adults at my party so I stuck with pizza and grapes...good toddler food.

Sophia said...

What a gorgeous party, I am busy planing my daughter's Tinkerbell party for end November...

Cierra Christian said...

I'm tying one this may need homeade advice

Cierra Christian said...

I'm tying one this may need homeade advice

AshleyandRobbie Pickler said...

I noticed your daughters name - Mine also is named ScottLynn just spelled different <3


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