Monday, April 11, 2011

Diaper Wipes Case Tutorial

Diaper Wipes Case Tutorial

 First, you'll need a wipes case. This is the kind that I use. They usually cost around one to two dollars...and some stores don't carry these kind, but I think they close better.

Then you'll need a 10"x12" rectangle of fabric.

 You'll also cut an 8"x10&1/2" rectangle of batting.

 After you've cut your fabric and batting, set them aside and paste Mod Podge on the top and bottom of the empty wipes case.

Stick the batting to the Mod Podged wipe case and push down on it lightly to make sure it sticks.

Then you will paste Mod Podge all over the outside of the wipes case. Make sure to get the back too.

Place one side down on the fabric and make sure you have a little extra fabric sticking out around all the edges (not shown in this picture very well).

It should look like this, at this point. Since the Mod Podge takes a while to dry, I recommend letting it dry overnight.

Now you will take the dried case and tuck in the corners. Don't glue yet.

Fold the fabric under a little and use a hot glue gun to glue it to the case. Glue one part at a time. I start by hot gluing the top of one side.

Next, do the bottom of the same side. Obviously, don't glue it too close to the edge. Don't worry if it isn't perfect because it gets covered up by the border.

 With both sides done, move on to the front.

 You can do the top or bottom first, but do the corners last.

Cut a line across the pointed corners. Not too much, just enough so you don't have to tuck a bunch of fabric under when you glue the corners.

Put some glue on the corners and then tuck under the fabric. Try not to glue your fingers. It's a little tricky.

We're almost done.

 Next, I take some ribbon (whatever kind and size you want) and cut it to the length of the case. I didn't get a measurement, but you can just cut it to the length of the fabric that is glued on the case.

 Since I used two ribbons, I just glued them together before I glued them on the case.

 Next I shaped a cute and easy little bow.

 Tie the center together with thread. I used floss.

Then make a little knot in the ribbon you want to use for the center. You can also use a button and glue it on for the center if you prefer that instead.

 Then glue the knotted ribbon around the the front and back of your bow, one part at a time.

Next, glue on your ribbon. Make sure the tails of the ribbon are heat sealed first.

 For the border, heat seal the edges so they don't fray.

Start by gluing on one side at a time. Don't glue under the ends yet, you'll do that last.

I did the bottom first, all the way around, and then the top.

Sorry I didn't show the part where I tucked under the edges and glued them down. Just tuck under the ends of the borders under the loose fabric and glue the fabric down on top of them.

And we're done! I think this one turned out adorable! I think I'm going to sell it on my Etsy. So check there if you'd like to purchase it, instead of making your own. Or you can follow these steps and make yours look as cute as mine!!!


Kara @ Nest Candy said...

I don't have any kids yet, but I LOVE this! I have to make some for my friends that do have little ones. Great job! Thanks for sharing. :)

Marilyn said...

Awesome Tutorial.. Love it...Hello - stopping by from follow Tuesdays -- Lovely BLOG!!! I'm Marilyn from hope you can stop by sometime.. TY

heather said...

love it!! I've never made one of these... i've bought a few though. This one is super cute!

Chocolate Drool and Kisses said...

Very cute! I would have never thought of using Mod Podge. Thanks for linking up last week


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