Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lovin It Thursday: Super Nanny!

I have a two year old so I am lovin Super Nanny right now!

Click on Jo Jo's picture to check out full episodes of Super Nanny!
Thank you Jo Frost for your wise instruction. I have recently moved my two year old daughter into a toddler bed. I have been dreading letting her out of her so-called 'holding cell' and setting her free to roam our home. The first day was great and then she realized she could get up. come's the Super Nanny Mommy. After staying up all night with her inching my way out of her room as I pick her up and put her back in her bed, over and over and over agian. She finally slept and has ever since. I don't exactly have someone holding my hand helping me though this thing called parenting, so that long night with my daughter, I kept imagining the Super Nanny there with me telling me "You can do it", and "Don't give up." THANKS is all I can say! Anything to help us Mom's from going bonkers is fantastic.

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