Monday, February 14, 2011

Mama Monday: Easy No-Sew Tutu

Easy No-Sew Tutu

All you have to do is get elastic any size of width(the stretchier the better). Measure the waist and then take an inch off that measurement. Then you sew (if you have a machine) the elastic together. Or just tie the elastic, really tight, together. Buy 4 yards of Tulle, any color you want and cut into strips. I folded the tulle in half and in half again and again, until I had even strips. Tie the strips onto the elastic...make it as long or as short as you want it. You can also tie knots in the tulle to have a more tattered look. I made this for my first daughter, Cheryl. Now I have some tutu's for my other daughter, June. It was really fun and easy to make.
Happy Valentines Day!

1 comment :

Ani said...

That is so cute! I actually ran into a lady today at the fabric store that was going to make one of these! Such a neat idea!


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