Monday, February 7, 2011

Mama Monday: Hanging Ribbon Bow Holders

Hanging Ribbon Bow Holders

This is the finished product!

What you'll need to start is:

Acrylic Paint for the border of the plaque.

A wooden plaque...they come kinda rough so sand all the edges.
I actually didn't have any sand paper so I ended up 'sanding' it
with one of my nail buffers.
Whatever does the job right? haha

Light scrapbook paper for black letters or
dark scrapbook paper for white letters.
You'll trace and cut the paper to fit the top of the wood plaque.

Mod Podge! Can't live without this stuff!
They also have it in a glossy finish as well, if you prefer that instead.

Alphabet letter sticker decals.

Grosgrain Ribbon! You can use any sizes you like, but I used
3/8" for the small bows and 5/8" for the hanging ribbons
and the bow at the top.

So, I started with painting the edge of the plaque.
I let it dry and then traced and cut out my scrapbook paper
to fit the top. Then I put on my letters to spell my daughter's name,
SCOTLIN, and the word 'BOWS'. You can make it say whatever
you want like: PRINCESS or just BOWS.
Then I mod podged the paper down and onto the plaque
 and along the sides. Let it completely dry before you start the next step.

After the front is dry, I glued on the hanging ribbons,
which I cut to be about 20 inches (if I remember correctly)
and the top ribbons as well.

  Next, I made cute little bows and glued those on.
Before you glue these on, make sure and heat seal the edges.
You can learn how to make these on:
They are pretty simple.

Viola! Here's the finished product again.
Sorry I didn't have pictures of my step by step process.
If you have any questions...
please go to our contact page and email me!

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